Gas Safety Trust calls for grant applications

For immediate release - Thursday 5 January 2017

The Gas Safety Trust (GST) has announced its next round of funding for grant applications following the achievement of a £1.5 million grant milestone, having funded a variety of programmes and projects relating to gas safety and carbon monoxide (CO) since 2013.

The Trust, set up in 2005, is the UK’s leading gas safety research charity and has in recent years refocused its strategy on funding several strands of CO related research, to provide the underpinning empirical evidence that supports improved awareness and understanding of the effects of CO.

Current research involves the Trust working with a range of medical and academic personnel from various sectors including Fire and Rescue services, Accident and Emergency services, coroners, and low income households. One project is looking at novel biomarkers in order to understand the physical and biochemical characteristics of CO.

Chris Bielby, Chairman of the GST said:

“The GST is pleased to have been able to support a number of important projects relating to gas safety and CO. We will continue to fund research looking at both lethal and sub-lethal CO exposure and ways to improve CO data collection and analysis, as we know that strong data will help successfully influence behaviour surrounding CO.”

The Trust looks forward to receiving applications by 31 March 2017, ready for their next funding period opening April 2017 that meet (though are not limited to) these chosen areas of focus:

  • The possible link between CO and neurological conditions
  • CO exposure risks to pregnant women and the foetus
  • CO in the leisure environment
  • CO emissions from solid fuels

The GST provides grants to a wide range of charities, voluntary groups, associations, gas related businesses, social housing associations, local authorities, statutory organisations, academic bodies and others. Parties interested in applying for a GST grant, are encouraged to contact Trust Manager, Adrian McConnell via


Notes to editors

About Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a gas formed during the incomplete combustion of any carbon-based or fossil fuel (e.g. gas, coal, oil, wood, charcoal etc) which happens when there is insufficient oxygen caused by poor ventilation.

About the Gas Safety Trust
The Gas Safety Trust, established in 2005 as a registered charitable body, has become the UK’s leading fuel safety charity with the key objectives of further improving fuel safety for the public and industry throughout the United Kingdom and reducing the incidents of death and serious injury from carbon monoxide exposure. GST is currently seeking grant applicants via The Gas Safety Trust is generously funded by the gift aided profits of CORGI Services Limited,

About the GST CO Portal
The Gas Safety Trust (GST) has created an online carbon monoxide (CO) portal, which is the central repository for data and information relating to CO in the UK. The portal was launched in January 2015. The Portal has three main sections Legislation and Standards, which include information on Regulations, Standards, Guidance and Codes of Practice, Academic References, which is a searchable reference library of academic papers relating to CO and Data and Documents, which contains reports and other general information on CO,

For further information please contact:

Adrian McConnell                   

Trust Manager

Gas Safety Trust

T: 020 7706 5111
M: 07792 219649
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